MEFIYE (/meh•fee•aye/) is an affordable luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2021 for seekers of sanctuary, luxury and calm amidst an otherwise lightning-paced and hectic life.

Roughly translated from the Ghanaian Twi term for “my home”, MEFIYE combines East London nurture and West African heritage in the form of affordable luxury products created to help you relax, re-imagine the spaces you call home, and ultimately "return to you". 


'Mental health' is a term which is often overused in our current time, but it truly lies at the heart of MEFIYE's mission.

I first conceptualised MEFIYE when my own mental health was the worst it had ever been. I was burnt out, overwhelmed and generally carrying so much stress in my body. I took a long social media break to quieten my mind, decluttered my home space and spent more time with myself. I implemented regular evening rituals involving my favourite candles and curated musical playlists which served as soundtracks for my solitude. This became a means of survival rather than simply of commercialised self-care.

In the height of a global pandemic, and with a newfound sense of quietness and peace, I was made more alert to how my home space made me feel. I also found myself thinking about what the word "home" meant to me. Was it simply the roof over my head? My place of heritage? Or more? Although I was born in the U.K., I felt strongly that Ghana is also very much home. As a first-generation child of immigrant Ghanaian parents however, it is all too common to feel as though neither your place of heritage nor your chosen home space is fully yours.

Back in London, curating beautiful olfactory experiences in my own spaces was one of the many simple yet powerful ways in which I would elevate my mood. So, once I had successfully offloaded unimportant responsibilities and truly understood the importance of prioritising time for myself in place of feigned 'busyness', I set out to create and share my own high-quality and unique olfactory experiences influenced by my love for my home ('me efie' in Twi) with you. I wanted to do this in a way that felt luxurious, yet accessible to most and sustainability-led. 

MEFIYE is, in the first instance, a labour of love. But, even as it has made me a business owner/entrepreneur (and brought along the many changes associated with that role), it is - in and of itself - also a reminder to continuously exercise the mental wellbeing practices that I had become so passionate about. After all, to encourage others to incorporate MEFIYE products into their self-care practices without prioritising my own mental wellbeing seemed lazy at best, and contradictory at worst.

Positive mental health practices do not, of course, begin and end with home fragrance. But, if using a MEFIYE product helps you to feel more at peace, or improves the overall positive feeling of your home space, or is aesthetically pleasing to you, then I am succeeding in my mission as a brand founder.

Ultimately, MEFIYE is for you and for the spaces you so intimately call home. And I am so grateful for to have MEFIYE hold a part of that sacred space.

With love,