MEFIYE (pronounced 'meh-fee-aye') is an affordable luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2021 for seekers of sanctuary, luxury and calm amidst the freneticism of modern living.

Derived from the Ghanaian Twi term for 'my home', MEFIYE is inspired by the beautiful complexities of how we come to see home and combines East London nurture and West African heritage in the form of affordable luxury soy wax candles created to help encourage you to relax, re-imagine the spaces you call home, and ultimately "return to you".


I first conceptualised MEFIYE in late 2020 when my general wellbeing at an all-time low. I was burnt out, overwhelmed and generally carrying so much stress in my body. I took a long social media break to quieten my mind, decluttered my home space and spent more time with myself. I implemented new evening rituals: salt baths, burning my favourite candles, curating relaxing music playlists, etc.

In the height of a lockdown and global pandemic, and with a newfound sense of clarity and peace, I was made more alert to how my home space made me feel. I also found myself thinking about what the word "home" meant to me. Was it simply the roof over my head? My place of heritage (Ghana)? Or more? Although I was born in London, U.K., I felt strongly that Ghana is also very much home.

During that time, curating beautiful olfactory (scent) experiences in the space I called home was one of the many simple yet powerful ways in which I could elevate my mood and return to myself. And so one day, with all of the above in mind, I decided that I would create and share my own 'scent stories' influenced by my love for my home ('me efie' in Twi) with you. I wanted to do this in a way that felt luxurious, yet accessible to most.

I cannot assert that good wellbeing practices begin and end with home fragrance, because this is of course not the case. But, if using a MEFIYE product helps you to feel more at peace, or improves the overall positive feeling of your home space, or is aesthetically pleasing to you, then I am succeeding in my mission as a brand founder.

Ultimately, MEFIYE is for you and for the spaces you so intimately call home. And I am so grateful for to have MEFIYE hold a part of that sacred space.

With love,